Nusluice LLC is a startup founded in 2021.

We manufacture and supply to the mining industry a new type of sluice. Patented with the U.S. Patent Office, the “Nusluice” technology offers various uses and benefits in the following industrial sectors:

  1. Placer Gold Mining: Among other benefits, our sluice captures micron gold, down to at least 400 mesh, which is so often lost with other sluicing methods. Does your wash plant suffer from temporary setbacks such as mechanical error, equipment failure, human error, water problems? A benefit of Nusluice is it acts as a failsafe. By failsafe, we mean no more lost gold – when sluices malfunction and gold is lost, our device is designed to trap any large and micron gold that would have otherwise escaped the sluice. Our sluice is intended to be installed at the end of your existing sluice as an add-on.
  2. Frac Sand/Proppant: By eliminating toxic, garnet, and other brittle “minerals” our sluice significantly increases the K value or crush rate of frac sand.
  3. Regular Sand and Gravel Mining: Our sluice removes both toxic and valuable minerals, enabling a superior and safer end product.
  4. Dredging: Our sluice isolates and removes toxic minerals from silt dredged at the bottom of waterways and in rivers.
  5. Remediation Projects: Our sluice will remove almost all toxic minerals from coal fly ash and contaminated water.

Our sluice is made to measure and custom built for each individual client’s needs.

It is designed and engineered to work in real time with all rates of flow. Everything is scalable for all variables.

Nusluice cleans out in seconds, ready for reuse. Durable and reliable.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration, you may contact us at your convenience.

We travel to meet with prospective clients throughout North America and overseas.