I began the experiments which led to invention at age 14. I was attempting to find a way to recover micron gold from Michigan sands and gravels. They are very prevalent, nearly as much gold as any other US gold bearing region…the problem was to me that it was fine as the finest powder.

In the late 1990’s I became very focused about being able to trap this gold. Many others were trying to tackle this issue as well.

Twelve prototypes ensued of varying configurations and finally on No.13 I had trapped all the micron gold (400 Mesh and greater) as determined by legal assay.

The only issue, which turned out to be it’s biggest benefit was that not only did I recover all the micron gold, I recovered every single mineral of higher density (specific gravity), including, but not limited to silver, lead, mercury, platinum, copper, chromium, molybdenum, zinc, zirconium, uranium, cobalt, vanadium, arsenic, the entire Lanthanide Series of the Periodic Table of the Elements and every type of rare earth mineral.

Suddenly this became the greatest moment of discovery for me as I have since childhood been a pro environment person. I had invented an environmental breakthrough never before found.

Nusluice can be used for remediation of coal fly ash, dredging of channels to remove industrial toxins, I have successfully used it to remove all toxins and greatly improve the crush rates for proppants used in fracking which protects our aquifer system. I have cleaned Flint drinking water from “unfit for consumption” to “undetectable” after only 2 feet exposure to the sluice.

Uses in mining of all types as a second source of revenue and also to ensure that toxic minerals are removed during the handling of mining overburden.

11 mm Almandine Garnet Recovered from Grand River Using Nusluice
11 mm Almandine Garnet Recovered from Grand River Using Nusluice

This was the first indication that I was on to something special when this garnet became trapped in my sluice, and would not leave. I pulled it out, and later recognized it as a garnet crystal.